Thank you for your interest in partnering with Hagamoslo to showcase your brand and offering to the community.  You and your organization have been individually hand picked to participate in this opportunity to showcase your services based on your valuable contribution to the community and a like minded approach to helping others.  I hope you don’t mind a short introduction of how we more than ever offer a complete marketing by way of Marketing – social media, digital print, radio and print magazine.  
When an individual is looking through our magazine, they become hyper-aware of all the resources they have at their disposal. We continue to recommend value and attraction for our partners through repetition. We are a local community Bilingual magazine that covers the majority of your customers.  
Often people just don’t know who to turn to.  The majority of individuals find information on their own instead of selecting a recommended professional.  With online searches, it is rarely YOU that appears on these searches; unless you are spending thousands of dollars on SEO and AD spend. We certainly wanted to address a low-cost approach to help our partners’ growing businesses.
With more than 25+ years of experience in helping the community we know it’s important for you to win more business and develop a referral network of loyal customers and future clients.   We understand the best way to be seen as a market leader is to be everywhere, everyday.  Regardless of how individuals find you, when you advertise with Hagamoslo, you reach into the lives of consumers through our education focused on the family unit.  We are a resource of Leaders focused on helping the community with similar goals and ideas.  The power of print establishes a personal search experience. In addition, it reaches into the homes and the lives of people who carry your information to review over and over again. 
Through our marketing, we are in our direct control and as a result we can ensure that when households need services, we will direct them squarely on the services you offer. Consumers become familiar with your services, have seen your video, heard your discussion, and know where to find you now in print. 

First and Foremost, Print. 

Print Has High Ad Recall. People who are engaged with print are more likely to remember an eye-catching message.

People who read magazine ads are more willing to take-in information and new ideas more than any other media.

Print Has Pass-along Exposure. When people are finished reading a magazine they may give it to someone else to read. Or they may donate it to their local coffee shop, beauty salon, barbershop or other place where people read while waiting for service.

Your ad becomes part of a walking billboard gaining you additional exposure.

  1. Print Ads Convert More Customers. Nearly 80% of consumers act on direct printed mail advertisements compared to 45% of consumers that act on electronic advertisements.
  2. Print ads have much more influence on our buying decisions than electronic advertisements.
  3. Print Has Longevity. Unlike internet ads, your print ad will be around long after the online ads have disappeared.
  4. Magazines and other print publications may be on display in the waiting rooms of doctors’ offices and other venues for months.
  5. Other digital media, such as email campaigns, may get lost in your prospects’ inbox and deleted before they even read it.
  6. Print Has Credibility. Local magazines are highly valued and respected publications that build a sense of community among local consumers. In fact, many people turn to local publications as a source of advice.
  7. Most consumers understand the internet is rife with fake advertising at best, and grossly misleading marketing campaigns at worst. Because of the dubious reputation of online ads, print advertisements remain the most trusted source of marketing information.

As a Niche Publication, this provides a captive audience, placing you in front of readers with kids who happen to be a large market segment of spenders.  With all of these benefits you can see why print is still a viable medium for branding yourself and your services. Our local magazine finds local families, and puts the spotlight on local businesses by being where the customers are every day.

Hagamoslo has a fresh look, modern, clean and sophisticated. The cover has been redesigned to attract readers and grab their attention. We have found the cover is key to consumer engagement. When the cover grabs the consumers attention, they pick up the magazine. We have also updated our ad design standards.
Hagamoslo highlights your services for you, only you! We highlight you, your service and provide a way to connect with you. Furthermore, we offer four publications annually for top of mind awareness.
Digital Magazine, the digital reach to your business is limitless. Easy to share through email or on your social media platforms. The digital magazine is fully interactive and searchable; it works great on tablets or other mobile devices, and desktops. I have agents that deploy their digital magazine to their feeder markets, allowing consumers to see your business offering. By using this tool as a beacon to spotlight yourself, you can be in front of customers in your area in the next 3-6 months.  Hagamoslo’s specialty is integrated media—consumers going from print to online. 
Thank you for your consideration.  I wanted to make sure that you know the Hagamoslo experience keeps the spotlight on you. We keep the consumer connected to you through our multi level platform experience. We market your business through an integrated marketing approach to find more customers than just some average print magazine. We never separate you from your competition. And finally, we help keep your customer informed about everything you are doing to go above and beyond through articles you provide which are published along with your ad free of charge.  

If you want to make changes on a quarterly basis, this is perfectly acceptable as well without any additional cost incurred.  As well, we provide an online platform to create your own high- resolution ad or use one of our graphic designers for a small fee.  Just provide your artwork logos and contact information and you can work directly with a designer. 
Please find the attached price sheet.   Our First Edition will roll out in August 2021 featuring a back to school end of summer theme.  If you can subscribe today and save 10% for three or more ad runs, pay monthly or ad you go. It is imperative that you advise ASAP on interest. I am including a copy of our cut off dates for artwork to press.  Payment is due once the attached agreement is signed.  You will receive as many magazines as needed to support local merchants and advertise to your local community

Copy of the media kit, production schedule, are also attached per your request. I am available to answer any additional questions you may have anytime and I look forward to your response.

Sincerely, Lisa Castro Carvalho.

  • Subscription monthly 12 month minimum   
  • Non subscription single pay prices 4 month publication minimum

  • Non subscription prices 4 month publication (monthly pay 4 months minimum).