Lisa Castro Carvalho

There are two sides to every coin.

It’s certainly true for Lisa Castro Carvalho, owner of Casablanca Associates LLC.  While easy going and playful, Lisa has a gift for gab while still goal oriented, organized and a gift for numbers. Truth be told,—an entrepreneurial and adventuresome spirit combined with a deep love for family and for helping others is all of the qualities that make Lisa one of the most beloved and successful real estate professionals in the area.

But how did it all begin?

Lisa Castro Carvalho learned about homeownership early in life .

Lisa, on the other hand, is a third-generation Californian—born and raised in Orange County—whose great-grandparents emigrated from Mexico and Europe back when U.S. borders were open. Her ancestors comprised a vital thread in the fabric of the community, planting their roots so deeply that the original family home is still owned by a relative. And you can view many of Lisa’s family’s artifacts on display in area museums.

Lisa learned leadership skills in school serving as class vice-president and captain of the drill team. “But I learned all about hard work growing up in a single-parent home and seeing my mother work so hard to provide,” she says. “And I watched her struggle with housing for us after losing our home through divorce. All those years of paying rent were such a waste of my mother’s hard-earned money.”

Helping others with homeownership .

Today, in addition to being a fully licensed real estate broker, Lisa is a mortgage loan expert. She’s worked in real estate finance since 1994 and has closed more than 1,500 loans. Coming from a long line of teachers dedicated to education, Lisa understands its importance to a person’s economic security. And she remains true to this heritage with the special care she takes in educating her clients on the ins and outs of credit, mortgage lending and the wonderful opportunity that exists in the U.S. to build personal wealth through homeownership.

One of Lisa’s most rewarding achievements in her real estate and mortgage career was helping her mother get the financing she needed to stop paying rent and start investing in her own home. In the six years Lisa’s mother has been in her home, its value has more than doubled.

Lisa understands firsthand what parents face trying to raise their children while living in an apartment, a home they’ve outgrown or in a neighborhood that’s become unsafe or is too far from work.  Which is why she is also an expert in managing investment portfolios and leasing properties. 

So – if you’re thinking about selling your home to buy another that will give your family a better life – choose the Carvalho Real Estate Group as your Realtor. You’ll have a team of real estate experts who’ve been where you are today, faced the same problems you face, had the same dreams and needed the same help.

Lisa is perfectly qualified to lead you safely through the process of buying, selling, renting or remodeling your home and obtaining the best loan possible to make your family’s dreams come true.

Lisa specialized in helping to revitalize many foreclosure homes during the recession of 2007-2010  She also specializes at helping members of the Latino Community and others build homeowner equity.

And we do it in three languages—English, Spanish and Portuguese!

Lisa is quite the “handywoman” when it comes to rehabilitating their own investment properties. Although she contracts most of the work through local crews, she loves working on projects herself. Just another reason clients call her “Ms. Fix-It.”  Her career skyrocketed in 2007-2010 managing properties for various banking clients’ REO portfolios.  

Lisa is a fully licensed real estate Broker. Together, she and Casablanca Associates LLC form the team that’s perfectly qualified to lead you safely through the process of buying, selling, renting or remodeling your home to make your family’s dreams come true.

About Lisa

  •  Before co-founding Casablanca Associates LLC, Lisa had more than 20 years of real estate & lending experience.
  •  Has worked in real estate finance since 1994 and has had her real estate license since 1995.
  • Buys her own properties, manages her own inventory and guides other investors in doing the same.
  • Is known to her clients as “Ms. Fix-It” because of her ability to solve their real estate problems … everything from quickly selling a client’s home on the brink of foreclosure, to cleaning up a client’s credit record so s/he qualifies for a home loan, to providing a professional remodeling crew and home-improvement financing for homeowners wishing to stay where they are and remodel.
  • Is a member of the National Association of Real Estate Professionals (NAHREP).
  • Was a guest speaker with Congresswoman Grace Napolitano on Increasing Minority Home Ownership … and was invited as a guest speaker on Reinvesting Into the Black Communities by Realtist® organization of Real Estate Brokers.
  • Acted as a liaison to lend money to minority homeowners via the nonprofit Neighborhood Housing Service organizations, Fannie Mae and National Association of Real Estate Brokers.
  • CA Department of Real Estate Brokers License # 01193682.
  • TX TREC Brokers License #750915.
  • NMLS License #831913.
  • Member of HAR, TAR, GHBA, NAHREP and various organization.
  • Treasurer of Womens Council of Realtors Lake Houston 2022.
  • Works with Non Profits as Public Relations Direct of Hagamoslo and publishes a Magazine to increase community awareness of housing opportunities to create better futures for children.

 My Team

  • On average, sells homes at 101% of the asking price—2% above other agents in the area. On a $500,000 home, this means an extra $10,000 in the seller’s pocket.
  • On average, sells listed property in 28 days—4 days faster than other agents in the area. Of course, market conditions change, but a faster sale can save the seller hundreds or even thousands of dollars.
  • Specializes in closing difficult transactions including Single Family Residences, Tax Sales, Foreclosure, Short Sales, Commercial Real Estate and 1031 Exchanges, Foreign Nationals.
  • Is family owned with a bilingual staff and centrally located.
  • Has their own team of service providers to repair and maintain houses under contract. Their team includes painters, gardeners, locksmiths, mini-makeover landscapers, carpet installers, electricians, general contractors and other vendors.
  • Lisa maintains excellent relationships within the real estate community. The high regard in which they are held ensures that other agents will show your home when it’s listed with  Lisa. This network of agents increases your home’s exposure to buyers one-hundred-fold.
  • Having successfully closed more than 7,500 transactions, Lisa’s expertise comes from understanding the loan-closing process to a degree that other real estate agents do not.
  • The combination of Lisa’s Open House Marketing expertise and Lisa’s loan-closing expertise make possible the outstanding speed and efficiency for which her team is known.
As active members of the Latino community, Lisa has a special understanding of their clients’ needs, concerns and desire for financial security through homeownership. She is the perfect team to help make your family’s dreams come true … and they’re expecting your call. So call now … homeownership is easier than you think.